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"I don't do weddings"

Heather Green is a photographer whose specialty is travel, fashion, food and capturing the unconditional love between people and their pets. She quickly develops a bond with her subjects, whether they are stray mutts or pampered purebreds.​

Her soulful, glamorous portraits are in demand from New York City to Aspen to Los Angeles. Heather has photographed several covers for The American Dog Magazine, The Colorado Dog Magazine and The Chicago Dog Magazine. Her work has been published in Traditional Home Magazine, Ladies Home Journal, Bark Magazine, and the New York Post. Her photo also graces the cover of Julia Szabo’s book, Pretty Pet Friendly. Her commercial photos have also appeared in various advertising and marketing campaigns.

Heather specializes in commercial photography that features the ever-popular animal magnetism in print work. From high-end doggie couture to pet-friendly hotels and home builders, Heather can create an innovative and stylish photo for your advertising needs.

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